Band of Brothers by Mark Keathley

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Band of Brothers by Mark Keathley
Embellished Giclee Canvas Edition

From the artist Mark Keathley:

Relationships are sometimes hard. People have “stuff” that gets in the way of the free flow of what was intended for the human soul – Love. We often believe that being “for” someone else competes with us getting what we want and think we need. What we don’t understand, however, is that what we really need is TO love. Our hearts were made to pour out love to someone else, and if that flow is blocked, we begin to whither as a person. Our energy instead, will begin to look for ways to be loved, to get what we think we are missing, because we don’t know there is ONE who already loves us. This Divine, unconditional love received, will cause us to love others, and therefore be full and be fulfilled. In Band of Brothers, I am depicting three men who would give their lives for each other. “There is a Friend who is closer than a brother” (as it is assumed that Brothers take care of each other.) These men know that each one is a valuable part of the team – no competitive challenges any more. They have grown into their place and stick together to survive. They are “FOR” each other – and In this commitment to one another, joy and rest can be found. An internal guard or mask isn’t necessary because they can be who they are for they are important to the group. My vision and dream for you is to find your “clan” or band of brothers who accept you for who you are – faults and all – because you are valuable in this place and time!

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