Catch of the Day by John Bye Masterwork canvas print

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Image size: 39"w x 18"h.
Edition Size: 20


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Image size:
28"w x 13"h. 
Edition Size:75
Issue price: $245

Raleigh, NC area gallery, Ashley's Art Gallery, Fuquay-Varina features opsrey, bear and deer fine art prints of John Bye.


“As a child I loved magic. Through it, you learn there are big differences between people observing something their brain has determined they will see, as opposed to what their eyes actually see. My art takes advantage that,” relates John Bye. “I paint photo-realistically because I am fascinated with technical aspects and the skills necessary to do it successfully. I see my paintings as High Definition windows on the world.


“I love painting birds of prey; they hunt, they eat. Everything about them is black and white. The precision and complexity necessary for an Osprey eagle to take a fish out of the water is something that takes your breath away. The beauty of that power and dexterity is what 'Catch of the Day' captures.”


Captures in High Definition we might add! Beyond the sheer beauty of the art John creates, the sudden realization that you or your friends are looking at a painting and not a photograph is part of the fun of owning his art. See for yourself!