Dali Dairy by Ben Steele fine art giclee canvas

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Dali Dairy
by Ben Steele
"Dali Dairy" by Ben Steele

What would Salvador Dali see if he toured the highways and by-ways of this great country? Ben Steele turned his whimsical mind to that thought and ended up with this “crazy good” insight on just what that surreal vision may be.

“I have a series of works where the Masters’ paintings appear on the barns of rural farms. When the name Dali Dairy popped into my head and I said to myself, ‘Oh - that sounds good.’ It was a rather quick leap to populating the farm with these flamingo-legged cows inspired by Dali’s The Temptation of St. Anthony rather than painting a Dali image on the barn. I am particularly happy with the mischievous look of the cows, especially the second from the left.”

The Dali Dairy original could have sold many times over when it was unveiled at a show in Palm Springs, and was purchased by Florida’s Raymond/James Art Collection. It is interesting to note that Mr. James is currently the president of the Salvador Dali Museum Board of Trustees.

Dali Dairy is a conversation-stopping, truly American work of surreal art. Get your Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition Canvas before the cows head for the barn and this crazy-good edition sells out.

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