Good Ole Days by Mark Keathley

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Canvas size:18" x 27" = $750. with our basic frame
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When you stroll down memory lane, it isn't hard to get in touch with emotions that stir up a lump in the throat for the sweet times we had visiting an uncle or your grandparents on the farm during the Summer. I love to hear peoples stories about those days. I'm always amazed that everyone's childhood memories are so intriguing and so different. It seems more exciting things happened in the 40's and 50's if you ask me. Going to the farm was really a farm back then, and it seemed everyone had someone in the family that lived "on the farm."

My friend, Dave, told me of his adventures in the summer when he would go visit his Uncle in Illinois and I can tell those stories "move" him. It was a special time and the memories are obviously "fresh" and important - right there - to be sipped on like a favorite cup of coffee. What an honor to get the chance to recreate this fond boy-hood memory on the family farm. He sent me photos from the 40's and 50's where the farm was the back drop to black and white family photos and a Google link to view the farm house and barn as it stands today. We pieced this together and everyone who has seen it said it reminds them of the Good Ole Days.

My family farm memories include the smell of bacon and bread, the bellow of cows in the pen, the sounds of a saddle squeaking as Grandpa rode by and the site of Gramma in the garden. Whatever your memories contain, I hope you find them returning to you as you think back to the Good Ole Days.

~ Mark Keathley