Hunter Ridge - Deer - by Abraham Hunter

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The Abraham Hunter painting "Hunters Ridge"
is now available as an embellished giclee canvas at Ashley's Art Gallery.

Hunter Ridge comes from years and countless hours spent in the woods. There is nothing like the rich sunlight as it either peeks through the trees at first light, or as it slowly descends in the autumn evening.
You could spend a lifetime in the forest and observing the various forms of wildlife in the woods! As an artist, I can spend forever detailing a painting such as this! I love to play with light, whether it
comes from cabin windows, reflects off water, dapples a forest floor, or even shimmers on the slick coat of a whitetail buck in rut! This particular painting is of a spot very near to my home. Its also very near to my heart as I've spent many hours studying nature and reflecting on the beauty of God's Creation there! I view myself as a very casual hunter, I mostly walk through the woods, can't hold still, and occasionally still get to see a big buck! He always got away though, mocking me with his big "white tail", waving good-bye. this is one of my favorite paintings! each time I look at it I am constantly reminded of the good times spent outdoors, alone, or with friends and family. In this scene, I have given you a taste of the moment of truth. That special time when a glorious whitetail buck, in all his splendor, accompanied by his graceful doe, spend this magical time in the forest feeding and gaining precious fat reserves before the winter comes in. But they are not alone. They are joined by a tom turkey who will be courting the ladies himself come spring, and a tiny downy woodpecker. You can almost hear the creek fall gently over the rocks, and feel the warmth of the sun on this cold late fall day. I've shared with you in one painting my very favorite memories spent in the woods. I hope you enjoy Hunter Ridge as much as I enjoyed painting it for you!
~ Abraham Hunter

Hunter Ridge by Abraham Hunter

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