Idle Hours, Bonnie Marris S/N CANVAS

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Image size: 32"w x 24"h.
Edition Size: 25

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Image size: 20"w x 15"h.


“Last September I spent seven days backpacking in Yellowstone, which has been a central inspiration for me as an artist,” said artist Bonnie Marris, “but this recent trip was a special gift. I saw so much wildlife and had the joy of camping near the Druid wolf pack for 3 days.” Both the male and female pass time bonding with their pups. There are many Idle Hours with no agenda other than tenderness and play. A wolf’s eyes seem to always have a remote distance, but this mother is in her own world, a place of incredible security, with her two pups. “This is the painting I always wanted to do,” Bonnie said. “I felt somehow completed when it was finished.” Wolves are especially popular among her collectors, too. Previous Fine Art Edition wolf family portraits such as The Ties that Bind and Sing Out are Sold Out at Publisher.