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Listen Closely by Ford Smith original painting

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Listen Closely by Ford Smith

As you wander into "Listen Closely" (20x16), feel the dreamy aura of healing greens and blues bathing your psyche with waves of well-being. 
Ford created this painting at the same time that he was working on "Intimate Moment" (also shown on this web page), and while these two original paintings demonstrate this symbiotic relationship, they are each distinctive works of individual art. The paintings inspired one another to evoke Ford's unique gift that reflects his romantic leanings of late.

Acquired together or separately, the collector of "Listen Closely" and "Intimate Moment" owns a singular sense of peace, romance and good fortune along with the physical beauty of a masterfully created painting by Ford Smith. Click on the link below to view the framed art on our website.

Original Painting by Ford Smith  Acrylics on Canvas 20"x16".  We are including the custom Larson Juhl frame in this painting that is the same as "Intimate Moment".  Solid dark wood with linen liner.  Framed size is 23.25" x 19.25".  

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