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Limited Edition Canvas
Image size: 39"w x 43h. 
Edition Size: 25


“Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe is the Mona Lisa of modern art,” says Ben Steele. “Its power is in its simplicity. It captures her at the height of her celebrity and everything we admired about her. He knew celebrity was (and still is) the ultimate commodity and recognizable to everyone.” And not only did the 50s belong to Monroe, but they were the golden years of Route 66 and cars with fins as well.

"Merill Inn" exhibits the features that are the hallmarks of Steele’s art: an explosive Pop Art visual; luminescent lighting acquired through layers of glazing; an iconic reference to art history that rather than challenging it, honors it; all delivered with wry sense of humor that reminds us art is not only beautiful, it can be fun. It’s of little surprise that "Southwest Art" selected Steele in their 2005 21 Under 31 issue spotlighting up-and-coming artists.

Another element of "Merill Inn’s" impact is its size and our MasterWork® Fine Art Gicl‚e Canvas at 39"w x 43" is perfect for the select few with that perfect space. It is also available as a Fine Art Gicl‚e Canvas measuring 26"w x 29"h and a Fine Art Gicl‚e Paper at 18"w x 19 7/8"h.



Take a closer look at Merill Inn
by Ben Steele - Modern Pop Artist
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"Merill Inn" by Ben Steele