Morning Silence - Elk by Mark Keathley

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Morning Silence by Mark Keathley
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The stillness in the mountains is different from where I live along the coast of Texas. I’ve gone days without feeling a breeze or the stirring of wind. Some mornings, the frost on the trees catches the light and highlights all the intricate details of the branches as they are backlit by a rising sun. It’s so thrilling to see it and capture it with my camera. Compiling several photos from the area around our cabin in the mountains of Colorado, I imagined this grand herd of elk coming into the clearing next to the river and put it all together in Morning Silence. Their warm bodies and breath are creating a steamy glow around them while they meander through yesterday’s snow looking for something to nibble on. While it is a harsh environment, these magnificent animals survive the conditions with grace and majesty and will thrill the soul on a chance encounter in the wild of the mountains.