Passion Play by Ford Smith

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“Passion Play”
by Ford Smith

Passion Play is part of the New camoflaged figurative Human Nature series by Ford Smith.

"Passion Play" by Ford Smith
Signed, numbered hand embellished limited edition giclee on canvas.  
Canvas size: 30"x40"  

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Ford Smith Fine Art Releases the “Human Nature” Collection Merging Figurative and Landscapes

ROSWELL, GA (March 30, 2015)— Atlanta artist Ford Smith introduces a new collection of paintings that merges the human form with his trademark landscape paintings. This provocative series is entitled, “Human Nature”, which camouflages dancing or erotic figures with the elements of nature for which he is known—in particular, trees. “I’ve been creating and interpreting landscapes, florals and seascapes for more than a dozen years,” says Smith, “I’ve rarely ventured into subject matter that didn’t involve nature, but I’ve been wanting to do some figurative work for awhile. I thought this would be an interesting way to do that.”

In addition to new audiences, the series was an instant hit with seasoned Ford Smith collectors, inspiring them to add to their collections as they sensed a significant detour in his established career. “The Human Nature paintings are passionate and wildly creative, so the series resonates with serious art collectors,” says Cristi Smith, Ford’s wife and co-owner of Ford Smith Fine Art, “It’s exceptionally interesting art. Anyone who is familiar with Ford’s work knows he’s not a one-trick pony. He has an insatiable, active imagination and, fortunately, a skill level that can keep up with it, so these paintings satisfy him on that level, challenging both his mind and classically-trained painting skills.”

Every one of the first six “Human Nature” paintings made solo debuts at various Ford Smith shows over the past year and each one was sold before the show opened or within the first hour. “I always felt that there is a figurative influence to many of my traditional landscape trees, so, in essence, with this new series it’s as if I’ve liberated them,” muses Ford Smith, then adds, “Plus, they are a blast to paint.”

Currently, the original paintings have sold out, they are released as signed, numbered, hand embellished limited edition giclees on canvas. Edition sizes are just 100, ranging in price from $950 to $1500. Smith will create more “Human Nature” original paintings this year, as he continues to expand and paint the trademark landscapes and trees that established his art career.