River Street Savannah by Robert Finale

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River Street Savannah

Savannah, River Street, by Robert Finale unframed 18"h x 27"w giclee canvas.
Giclee canvas limited edition, Embellished with artist paint by the artist Robert Finale.

This spectacular artwork is on display at Ashley's Art Gallery.

Perfectly nestled along the Savannah River bank is one of my favorite places in the world, River
Street. It possesses a charm and beauty that is hard to mimic. Quaint antique shops and restaurants
line the cobblestone filled streets which hold enough to fill an adventure filled day with beauty and
wonderment. My family often enjoys a day here on the Georgia Queen Riverboat. Once the sun sets,
we find our favorite restaurant to end an awe inspiring day in Savannah. I always feel an
overwhelming sense of inspiration as I gaze into the sunset and watch as the riverboats paddle
majestically across the water, as the old street car makes its way down the cobblestone streets. This
scene paints a perfect picture of old southern charm.

This is the 18" x 27"
Embellished by the artist Robert Finale.



Savannah, River Street, by Robert Finale is published in 5 sizes.
32” x 48” $2,500. unframed

28” x 42” S/N $1,620. unframed
24” x 36” S/N $1,320. unframed
18” x 27” S/N $950. unframed
12” x 18” S/N $550. unframed



24” x 36 “15 A/P & 25 S/N
18” x 27” 15 A/P & 30 S/N
12” x 18” 10 A/P & 20 S/N
Edition Total: 115
Location: Savannah, Georgia
Released: February 2014
Original Oil on Canvas Size: 24” x 36”