Seasons of Life II by Mark Keathley Spring's Renewal

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The Mark Keathley painting "Spring Renewal" is the second painting in the Seasons of Life series.
Keathley portrays a mother bear with her bear cubs along a rushing stream. Blomming Dogwood trees line the river bank.
Spring Renewal is now available in 2 sizes of embellished Giclée Canvas editions.


This 18" x 24" Canvas is $749. framed with our popular basic frame.
A larger 25.5" x 34" canvas maybe available

In the second in the Seasons of Life series, Spring's Renewal, I want to portray Spring as a gentle reminder of the new life that comes after the cold and grey winter. Song birds, new babies, and colorful blooms announce that all will be well, that warmth will return, and life will go on. Sometimes the lonely and cold times of life seem like they will never end but seasons change and newness is just around the corner. Look for the warmth and expect to bloom as Spring's Renewal appears in your life.
~ Mark Keathley
Summary Points:
1. Life is abundant and new in the Spring
2 Find the momma and baby ducks in the painting
3. Find the Cardinal
4. Energy is renewed in the Spring. Watch the bear cubs run and play after a long Winter
5. The stream is calling you to come in and play among the rocks.
6. God paints a brand new landscape for you to enjoy every Spring. He can also renew your spirit after a Wintery season when you call upon His name.


 Please look at this nice Mark Keathley video about the painting.