The spectacular, large Robert Bateman painting "Sudden Move" depicts a Siberian Tiger playing in the snow.
Giclee canvas limited edition is in the original packing and and has never been framed.
at Ashley's Art Gallery.

This is a very great value, "Sudden Move" may be Robert Bateman's top painting of a tiger.
Current retail value is over $3,500. (as of May, 2017).


350 s/n Giclee Canvas 30" x 60" | Still rolled in the original packing from Mill Pond Press.

Sudden Move Siberian Tiger - Robert Bateman 

"All animals play, especially young animals. This is very evident to anyone who has ever had a pet cat
or dog. Play, however, often contains a foretaste of the real world of survival...competition, aggression
and dominance are only slightly beneath the surface. A cat playing with a mouse is an experience that
is not much fun for the mouse.

"This is a young Siberian tiger I saw in a Canadian game park. His northern ancestry makes him perfectly
suited to the snow. He is almost fully grown, but his youthful heart cannot resist a frolic in the freshly fallen
snow and, bounding about, he has been doing pretend pounces and mock charges. Suddenly, he stops
in mid-dash. The next second is unpredictable - he may roll on his back, or he may attack."
- Robert Bateman.


This large canvas edition of Sudden Move will make a enormous statement in any room.
Robert Bateman art symbolizes the importance of nature conservation.
This rare artwork is in-stock and available at Ashley's Art Gallery.


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