Summer in Tuscany Robert Finale

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Summer in Tuscany

Introducing Robert Finale "Summer in Tuscany", June 23, 2014 Release.
All canvas limited editions are Embellished with artist's paint by Robert Finale. 


The 18" x 27" canvas is $950. unframed.


As the summer sun ascends over the rustic village of Tuscany, the vibrant colors of the new harvest materialize into focus.
My wife and I gaze over the fields as we pick a variety of sunflowers for our breakfast table. The serenity is astounding this time of year. During the morning, no sound but the fountain water trickling down to the fish-filled pond can be heard. We decide to linger at a nearby table and enjoy the tranquility for a while. After some time, the silence is broken by the gentle strumming of a guitar that can be heard throughout the area.

As my eye’s focus across this breath taking land, I wonder of its past history. The many decades of stories that have enriched Italy’s gem countryside. I notice a small Tuscan village with a variety of churches with beautiful steeples further in the distance. A summer in Tuscany is filled with special surprises and delectable authentic food around every corner. We will forever cherish these memories of our “Summer in Tuscany.

"Summer in Tuscany" comes in five sizes, please call (919)552-7533 to order.

32” x 48” $2,500. unframed
28” x 42” S/N $1,620. unframed
24” x 36” S/N $1,320. unframed
18” x 27” S/N $950. unframed
12” x 18” S/N $550. unframed


 10 E/E - Master Proof Available
28” x 42” 10 A/P & 20 S/N - Master Proof Available
24” x 36” 20 A/P & 30 S/N - Master Proof Available
18” x 27” 25A/P & 40 S/N - Master Proof Available
12” x 18” 10 A/P & 20 S/N - Master Proof Available