Wine Country Living by Thomas Kinkade Studios

$19.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Wine Country Living by Thomas Kinkade Studios
Embellished giclee canvas - framed

Canvas size:18x27
Approx. Framed size: 29"hx38"w
Call for other size and framing options, (919)552-7533.

On the rolling hills of this vineyard countryside estate, the scent of crush is thick in the air. Vineyards are bursting, ripe with fruit, beckoning to be picked as fall is fast approaching. The garden is in full bloom, its beauty only surpassed by the tranquil blue-sky lit up in a fiery blaze. We invite you to meander down the cobblestone path and soak up the majestic beauty that Wine Country Living has to offer.

Also published in the following canvas sizes:
12×18, 18×27, 24×36, 28×42