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A Gifting of Spirit by Rod Bearcloud Berry

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"A Gifting of Spirit" by Rod Bearcloud Berry limited edition giclee canvas
The frame and liner has been hand-painted by Bearcloud.
Canvas size: 16" x 20"
Outside frame dimensions: 27 3/4" w x 31 3/4" h


As the Wolf spoke its spirit to the moon and the Grandmother sent her voice to the sun. My dreams gathered around the circle of the moon and the sun began to rise, to shine its light across the new day. A thunderbird rose from the fire of the morning, bringing the buffalo spirit of the day to this new circle of spirit. The Grandfather sent his heart upon the wind song. The sacred mountains touched my soul and the wings of the eagle spirit reminded me of the offerings of the Earth Mother in the flow of the Great Mystery. My heart sang to the wind as I felt a world of plenty. I had much set before me; the sage, the trees, the clouds. My spirit sang as I remembered the circle of the Gifting of Spirit. This painting flowed into my world as a gift from the Great Mystery, Spirit and was surrounded by serendipitous events of magical proportions. The painting was first envisioned at the location of a series of three mountains that had returned to me over and over since I was five years old similar to those in this painting. The three mountains also began my book "7 Fires" and was also the beginning of strange events that that unfolded into visions showing me what I call the "Secrets of the Pyramids".


Look closely at the painting and you will see a face that has the moon in her eye and the opposing male spirit reflects the harmony found in the natural flows of the cosmos the universe. I saw an eagle moving on sacred wind from the sunrise brings the strength of new vision and power of the suns illumination of our inner world and illumination of ones journey on the Earth Mother. The Earth Mother holds the heart of the waters, returning it to the sky only to create a circle that once again returns to earth. eagle feathers on the ground were filled with waters of the sky.

The most astounding part of this story came when I was almost complete with the painting. A vision of a lizard kept appearing and fading as it was progressing. I had been uncertain if it was suppose to be there or not. I completed the painting and was still undecided. I recall it was 4:00 in the morning when I was sitting in the darkness observing this slightly illuminated painting off in the distance deciding it the lizard was supposed to be in the painting or not. It was so 9uiet one could have heard a pen drop. The sound of a crumpling piece of paper caught my attention near a sliding glass door. oh no, mice, I thought to myself. I continued gazing at the painting when a loud thunking sound along with another loud crashing noise occurred and I jumped to my feet. A bit caught off guard, I asked myself, what was that? That was way too big to be a mouse. A wooden box was in front ot the glass door blocking my view in the direction of the noise. I got up and crept slowly towards it hoping not to disturb whatever had happened. when I got near the box I looked very slowly over the top of it. I stood there in amazement when saw a lizard that must have been around 15 inches long. It was the biggest I had ever seen short ot an Iguana in the Yucatan. It was the most amazing color of blue that had an iridescence that could have only come from the stars. It was about an inch and a halt wide. I opened glass the door in an effort to get him to move out. when I bent over the box, it bolted into the front room and under a sofa faster than anything I had ever seen move. I knew that there was no way I would be able to catch it. I grew concerned it might die in the house. How it got inside the house was a mystery. I saw the lizard as a sign to be in my painting. It was a gift from the cosmos. But, the story did not end there. The next day, I pulled up in my driveway. It was early afternoon. I was walking towards the front door and was caught by surprise once again. There,over the top of the door flawlessly horizontal to the doorframe was the lizard. It was so perfectly placed it appeared as it were a part of the architecture. I paused in surprise and at the same time knowing the universe was speaking to me. I walked underneath it to go inside. I never saw it again. I had never seen one like it and suspected I would never see one again. Although he was real, for me it was pure magic. When I walked underneath it, I felt it had left me a story. I came to me almost like a sprinkling of stars. It said this. '""' Greetings relative, we are as one because we are of the Earth Mother. You may think I am asleep, I am not, I am the dreaming Because I am the dreamer. I manifest dreams to reality and this is my gift. A-ho. I knew then it was suppose to be a piece of magic in the painting that the universe had sent me as gift of mystical proportions. I so I called the painting. "A Gifting of Spirit".

Bearcloud on Visit Sedona TV on 02-06-09 from Allen Elfman on Myspace.