African Ancients by Simon Combes

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African Ancients
by Simon Combes
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Limited Edition of: 45 
Image Size: 24"w x 23"h.

Living to an average age of 56, it is likely that these African elephants have approached their twilight years. A few million years in the making, Mount Kilimanjaro serves as the perfect backdrop in a scene depicting the elders of the East African plains and Eastern Rift Mountain range. Simon Combes captures the awe and majesty of both in “African Ancients”. 

In addition to their longevity, both share similar claims in regards to size. With an elevation of nearly 20,000 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro stands as the world’s largest freestanding mountain. The African elephant and its average weight of 18,500 pounds stakes claim as the world’s largest land mammal. 

Available for the first time, "African Ancients” is a limited edition canvas that not only displays the beauty and spirit of eastern Africa, but looks wonderful hanging on the wall as well.