Bedtime Stories - Bear Family by Mark Keathley - AP

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Bedtime Stories by Mark Keathley | Giclee Canvas Artist Proof

We have one very special Canvas AP Edition at Ashley's Art Gallery, embellished by Mark Keathley - other sizes have Sold Out.
24x30 A/P | not framed. 


Over the centuries, story telling has been a vital source for connection of community throughout the world. Often the elders would pass on a pivotal event or interesting tale to the new generation. Then their memory could carry on the legacy or even the legends of the tribe/family. This form of communication is a type of glue that holds the family together when times are tough because “I belong” is stronger than fear. This act of telling inevitably knits the listener to the story teller as they laugh or even cry as the story is told. While we read books alone or even watch movies in a fantasy world of our own, this form of “retelling” is becoming a lost art form. So, next time you see the moon rising, take a little time and recall an event from your childhood or your parents life and pass it on to your children so they feel like they belong to something more than their soccer team or their school. Make your past interesting, embellish it a bit, and recapture the great moments and the legacy of telling Bedtime Stories.

~ Mark Keathley

Summary Points:
1. Bedtime is a special time for closeness with family
2. Mom and cubs are warm, cozy, and are heading for a nap because they belong together.
3. Listen as Mamma bear is telling a bedtime story to her cubs. They can't wait to hear it just like our kids can't wait to hear from us.
4. God's wonders are all around us as we sleep. He is the one who creates bedtime memories we long for.