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Carl Brenders - Colorful Playground

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Product Overview

The Carl Brenders - Colorful Playground - Cottontail Rabbit and Dandelion painting
is now published as a giclée on canvas hand signed by the artist.
Canvas size: 19 x 13.

A great Cotten tail bunny rabbit painting by Carl Brenders

On one of my first trips to North America, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that dandelopns grew there. In Europe, dandelions are consumed in salads for their nutritional benefits. I am very interested in edible plants, and I am always on the lookout during my travels for the types of plants found in Europed. Since the dandelion is both American and European, I decided to do a painting using them, but I wanted a scene with a mammal that was also found on both continents. The eastern cottontail rabbit and the European rabbit are quite similar, especially the young. Even though the painting of plants requires a strong discipline, the inspiration for this piece came quite easily. - Carl Brenders