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Carl Brenders - Monarch is Alive, The - Premier Canvas

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The Carl Brenders - The Monarch is Alive - Bald Eagle - This Premier Canvas is published as a spectacular giclée on canvas hand signed by Carl Brenders. Premier Canvas size: 38 x 51.

The bald eagle, without any doubt one of the most beautiful birds of prey, is a favorite subject of many wildlife artists. In Europe, we have a similar species that lives on the shores of Scotland and Scandinavia, but it lacks the beautiful white head. The thrill I got in seeing a bald eagle in the wild for the first time is difficult to describe. There is no other bird that fits so well with the colors and the light of the wild landscapes in North America. - CB

Carl Brenders is unsurpased in his abilty to caputure the realism of wildlife with his painting. 


Also available as a:
28" x 38" canvas
Issue price: $625.