Christmas Carousel Pony by Paul Landry


Christmas Carousel Pony
by Paul Landry
Image size: 10"w x 10"h.
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"Christmas Carousel Pony" stirs up memories of years gone by. The image makes you think of an adult who has saved things over the years to remind him of what has been. Every part of the decor has its own story to tell. Some bring smiles and even laughter to our hearts, while others bring tears of joy to our eyes.

The carousel pony, perhaps bought at "The Antique Shop," is handsomely attired in its holiday harness, topped off with a Christmas wreath. All of the greenery framing the frosty windows was selected from the woods. The red poinsettia is also known as the flaming star of Bethlehem. Another wreath, symbolizing eternity, rests at the pony's feet and two candlelit lamps reflect the spirit of hope and faith.