Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions Now Showing at
Ashley's Art Gallery in Fuquay-Varina, NC

Ford Smith Art on Display
Dreamscapes - Journey to the Edge

Contemporary Landscape Artist from Atlanta, GA.
Original Paintings & Canvas Limited Editions.
Ford Smith has been coming to Ashley's for the last 5 years.
Ford Smith News & Photos

Alfred Gockel Art on Display
International Pop & Contemporary Artist from Germany.
Original Paintings & Canvas Open Editions.
Alfred Gockel News & Bio.

Luke Buck Art on Display
Painter of Nature & Country Scenes from Indiana.
Original Paintings, Canvas & Paper Limited Editions.
Luke Buck News & Photos

Terry Isaac Art on Display
One of the Top Painters of Birds & Nature.
Original Paintings, Canvas & Paper Limited Editions.
Terry Isaac Bio & Photos

Al Dornish Nature Art on Display
Al has won several state sponsored conservation stamp contest,
including the Maryland Black Bear Conservation Stamp.
Al Dornish News & Bio

Scenes of Europe & Wine Country
The Art of June Carey & Dmitri Danish
Spectacular Canvas Limited Editions - A Few Originals.
June Carey News & Photos

Native American
Bev Doolittle, Longsoldier, Bearcloud, Weistling, Buxton & Terpning
Spectacular Limited Editions - A Few Originals.

Nostalgic Americana Art
William Phillips, Luke Buck & Morgan Weistling

Aviation Art
William S. Phillips & Richard Taylor
Limited Editions

Historical Civil War Art
The Art of JP Strain & Mort Kunstler.
Both Union & Southern scenes portrayed.

Disney & DC Comic Art
by Thomas Kinkade Studios.
Embellished Canvas & Open Editions.

Thomas Kinkade Art
Awesome Landscapes, Churches & Gardens
Embellished Canvas Limited Editions