Dispatch - Here Lies Custer by Ron Lesser

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Dispatch - Here Lies Custer by Ron Lesser
Image Size: 20"w x 15"h.
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Published from the original painting "
Dispatch - Here Lies Custer"
by The Greenwich Workshop. The Greenwich Workshop prints the highest quality reproductions, editions look almost as great as the expensive original paintings, but at a fraction of the cost.

Though born in New York City, Ron Lesser has always been drawn to the West. He is best known for the classic artwork he created for Clint Eastwood's films, “High Plains Drifter” and “Joe Kidd”; and for Sam Peckinpah's film, "Pat Garret & Billy The Kid". As a student, Ron attended the Art Students League under Frank J. Reilly. It was under Reilly, who was one of the greatest American illustrators of the 20th century, Ron learned the tradition and painting techniques of the French Fine Arts Academy and modern "realism". It is in this tradition that Ron introduces his new collection of western still life. Lesser’s approach focuses on strong areas of light and shadow patterns, realistic detail, and time worn artifacts . . . all to tell a story. Storytelling comes naturally to him. As a prominent illustrator for 25 years, he has painted several thousand illustrations including over 100 ads for movies and television programs. Featured in this series of paintings are items taken from his extensive collection of western & Civil War material & artifacts, as well as Native American weapons & clothing.