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Eternal Springtime Thomas Kinkade

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The Thomas Kinkade "Eternal Springtime" was to become Thom's final painting as it was found resting on his well-worn easel. No doubt, he would be pleased in knowing that this piece might inspire you to carve out a few moments in your busy day to indulge in his vision of peacefulness, beauty, and serenity. Our hope is that this painting will serve as a reminder to you in finding a few moments of peace and reflection and that you may find refreshment upon viewing it just as Thom did while sitting in sunshine.

    -Nanette Kinkade


Eternal Springtime is available in 3 different sizes of limited edition canvases.

Size unframed Unframed Framed
12" x 18" $600. $750.
18" x 27" $799. $999.
24" x 36" $1,360. $1,680.

Below is a nice video about Eternal Springtime with Nanette Kinkade.

Eternal Springtime by Thomas Kinkade from The Thomas Kinkade Company on Vimeo.

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