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French Riviera Cafe by Thomas Kinkade Studios

$50.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

French Riviera Café
by Thomas Kinkade Studios

The default canvas size is 18x27. plus the frame.
Available in 3 sizes: 12×18, 18×27, 24×36
and plenty of framing options. Pictured is one of our nicest frames.
Less expensive frames are available.

If there was a place that could melt your troubles away it would be here. The French Riviera is known the world over for its glamour, beauty, and pristine coastline but this tranquil spot takes it to a whole new level. Picture yourself navigating around the narrow streets of this Mediterranean city as you stumble upon an open table at a coastal café. The sun has just begun to set into a seascape teaming with sailboats as you sit down to enjoy the view.

Allow Thomas Kinkade Studios to draw you into the glamorous hills and streets of France’s salty shores of the Mediterranean Sea with the release of their newest painting, French Riviera Café, a work that encapsulates every alluring aspect of southern France.