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Fully Engaged, by Daniel Smith LIMITED EDITION CANVAS

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Fully Engaged 
by Daniel Smith
Cougar - Mountain Lion

Ashley's Art Gallery, a fine art gallery near Raleigh, North Carolina has a nice selection of Cougar / Mountain Lion prints and paintings from Daniel Smith and other top artists.

“Mountain lions epitomize stealth and grace,” expresses Daniel Smith. “They maintain fluidity of movement over unseen rock surfaces with amazing agility.  They can leap up to twenty feet and subsequently are formidable predators.  This great cat’s eye contact with its quarry creates a strong focal point and leaves no doubt that this feline is Fully Engaged.”

A featured painting at the Jackson Hole Art Auction, this work is as much a brilliant study of texture and form as it is wildlife art. Smith’s use of early morning light cast across this sinuous mountain top brings to life the positive and negative shapes of this snow and rock terrain.

Fully Engaged 
captures the complete essence of this mountain lion in a single moment, a brief pause in an otherwise very physical existence. This 28" x 20" Fine Art Canvas Edition leaves us stilled at the fierce beauty of this alpine predator.

Sizing & Pricing

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n. 28"w x 20"h. Issue price: $595  
(Gallery wrap available for additional $30.)