Grace Bay Love by Ford Smith - Framed


Grace Bay Love by Ford Smith - Framed
Embellished Giclee Canvas Limited Edition

This incandescent and romantic painting was commissioned by one of Ford's devoted collectors as a gift to his wife in loving tribute of their wedding on the beaches of Turks and Caicos.  He asked Ford to conjure his own interpretation from a photograph taken after their vows on Grace Bay... with his Human Nature series as inspiration.

What an inspiring commemoration...!  Here Ford masterfully reveals the gentle radiance of true love between the entwined husband and wife on their day of holy matrimony.

The storied sky compels the viewer's attention with gentle grace, but the ceremony between the two lovers takes center stage. Ford surrounds them in soft blooms of fresh flowers that seem magnetically attracted to this passionate moment of celebration.  With notable symbolism, Ford plunges the roots of the bride and groom deeply into the sand to represent the entrenched commitment of the ceremony.