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Grandma's Garden, Abraham Hunter framed

$55.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Grandma's Garden by Abraham Hunter framed
Embellished giclee canvas
Canvas Size: 16×20,   SN  Edition of 100
Framed size approx: 26"w x 30"tall

One day while I walked through a deep forest, I came across the foundation of a house–a lone surviving chimney surrounded by hundreds of irises. It stopped me in my tracks to think about the family that built their homestead there. They’ve long since left, and time has taken everything except the seeds of beauty they planted. I like to think that it was the grandma of the family that planted those flowers just like my grandma has planted flowers all my life. It saddens me that no one made an effort to remember and preserve the home. I put myself in the shoes of the children raised on this homestead. They were probably so eager to grow up and move away that they started growing callous and forgetful of the seeds of love that grandma sowed. Irises remind me of her… strong and bold and bright with beauty that transcends time. The seeds she planted will keep growing forever. I hope y’all enjoy “Grandmas Garden.” I pray that it makes your heart burst with love and gratitude for you grandmother just like it does me for mine. Abraham Hunter

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