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Indian Springs Spring by Luke Buck

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Indian Springs Spring by Luke Buck
Original Watercolor / Gouache Painting

Original, 10" X15", Watercolor/Gouache Painting, by Luke Buck
Lost on back roads is where I live. My wife Coleen and I spend most of our time traveling on off-shoots of back
roads, this is where I find my most interesting scenes to paint. Last spring, while driving along southern Indiana,
Martin Co. Rd. 450, we seen a road sign "Indian Springs/Cale Rd.", what an interesting name, we knew we had to
take that one. It was not a mistake. As the road gradually became smaller, crooked and rougher, the hilly landscape
became more and more interesting with several small remote homesteads along the route. Rounding a curve I seen
this old house on a hillside and it just hit me as being such a typical country home and someone's touch of paradise.
This is the American rural scenes I enjoy capturing in my paintings. Out with my camera, then back to my studio.

Image Size: 10" x 15"

Approx. Framed Size:20 3/4" x 25v 3/4"