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Justice League Showdown at Gotham City Pier Giclee Canvas

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Justice League Showdown at Gotham City Pier
Embellished Giclee Canvas framed
by Thomas Kinkade Studios

This is the 18x27 embellished giclée canvas framed.

Call (919)552-7533 to order the other sizes.
Canvas Edition Sizes:

12″ x 18″
S/N 195,  A/P 40
18″ x 27″
S/N 295,  A/P 60
28″ x 42″
S/N 95,  A/P 20

The Justice League has its work cut out for them as they battle to reclaim Gotham City Pier from The Joker and his allies. With daylight quickly being swallowed up by the encroaching darkness, the Dark Knight, Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Flash are in the midst of fighting off the Legion of Doom and rescuing the citizens of Gotham City – a confrontation that the world’s most courageous Super Hero’s will unquestionably win… or will they.