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Lifelong Commitment, Ford Smith canvas giclee not framed

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"Lifelong Commitment" by Ford Smith
Giclee Canvas Limited Edition
Large 66"w x 56"h
Ships Rolled

While it might be as large as some murals, the level of detail, layers of color and meticulous attention paid to every square inch of canvas are obvious indications of an artist who's dexterity and imagination on this scale are easily reminiscent of early masters.

Take some time with the fine points of this painting! We've provided some close-ups in this album. Ford's artstic gift is evident in the details that span the magnitude of the canvas.

An element that cannot be captured in this digital image (even in the close-ups) are the shimmering, metallic golds that traverse the brilliant autumn skies in the form of billowing, sun-kissed clouds. Most of those beiges are actually briilliant golds glinting with pronouncement throughout the viewing experience.

So it goes that milestones in the life of a career artist are noted on their timeline of achievements, and "Lifelong Commitment" is a clearly a crowning one for Ford.

This painting will be remembered for it's power to ignite the senses and deliver the viewer's mind to a place of exuberant peace and well-being. Breathe in the crisp, autumn air and feel the world fall away as you connect with this art on a level that you can't wait to share with a loved one. Reminiscent, perhaps, of a lifelong commitment one makes at the most intimate and emotional level.

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