Lucky Catch, Bonnie Marris LIMITED EDITION CANVAS

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Image size: 36"w x 24"h.
Edition Size: 75


Published from the artist's original work.


“The scene is my favorite wolf-viewing position near our campsite in Alaska,” said the artist. “I always think of this stream as “gold creek” because a legend still persists that gold was discovered here, and a miner’s shack in the vicinity still survives to feed the myth! I watched as these two adults separated from the pack to hunt and fish and one of them did get lucky with a Dolly Varden trout.”

This year marks twenty-five years of Bonnie Marris Fine Art Editions from The Greenwich Workshop so it is serendipitous and fitting that her newest release is a subject close to her very first limited edition with us in 1985. In that edition, titled “The Fishing Lesson,” a mother wolf watches her two cubs at the rocky edge of water as they peer down at what could be dinner if only they figure out how to catch it.

Flash forward 25 years to Lucky Catch, the artist’s 2010 Masters of the American West entry at the Autry National Center. We see two full grown wolves flourishing in their natural element with grace and poise, having mastered the challenges of life in the wild. We couldn’t think of a warmer metaphor for the artist we have published and loved for all these years.