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Mystic Falls II by Mark Keathley - Framed

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Mystic Falls II by Mark Keathley

Embellished giclee canvas - framed.
Canvas size:18x24
Approx. Framed size: 32"x38"
Make note when ordering your frame choice.

From the Artist: I must confess – when I step onto the moss-covered rocks and paths of the Smoky Mountains, I’m constantly on the lookout for something interesting. Usually, what stirs me the most is the way the light bathes a scene – scattered through myriad leaves, and occasionally dappling on the bank of a stream, or foliage. Finding a scene like my Autumn version of Mystic Falls – just simply never happens! When have you ever seen a deer pose so perfectly in the right spot! Never! But through the magic of art, the perfect setting can be a reality – Enjoy the moment in Mystic Falls II." ~ Mark Keathley