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No Sign of Hostiles by John Buxton


No Sign of Hostiles
by John Buxton
Original Retail Price $625.00 
Limited Edition of: 75 
Image Size: 31"w x 22"h.

With each new Fine Art Limited Edition, John Buxton, “Artist of Our Heritage,” engages a new collector base of history buffs and art lovers alike. Buxton’s detailed historical accuracy and artistic mastery bring the past to life. In this latest releasehe portrays the tenuous coexistence between the original inhabitants of this new nation and the encroaching Europeans. “Although loyalties and friendship did exist between some, there were always those allied to other interests û waiting to do harm,” says Buxton. “No one was exempt from sudden harassment or deadly force, and groups took advantage of hit and run tactics û striking with surprise. An ambush of the unsuspecting often resulted in quick plunder, hostages taken and a bloody aftermath. If enough men could be gathered before their trail cooled, the raiders would be tracked. Some of these pursuits terminated in another ambush, while occasionally the tracking became too difficult and the trail was lost, as shown in this painting.”