Obi-Wan’s Final Battle - Star Wars by Thomas Kinkade Studios

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Obi-Wan’s Final Battle - Star Wars  by Thomas Kinkade Studios
SN Canvas - Framed

Recommended frame City Black. Call or add to notes if you would like a different frame or unframed.

DESCRIPTION The Rebels are fighting their way to the safety of the Millennium Falcon™. Our heroes and the Stormtroopers™ are all temporarily distracted by an epic battle of Good vs Evil. All eyes seem to turn to this conflict. “Obi-Wan’s™ Final Battle” by Thomas Kinkade Studios depicts the final moments of the Lightsaber™ battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader™. Obi-Wan feels secure knowing that Luke Skywalker™ is on his journey towards becoming the Jedi™ he was always destined to be. Would Luke mature into the Jedi that the prophecy said would save the Force™? That is for the future to determine.