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Orca by David Grant

$22.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Orca by David Grant
Image Size: 30"w x 20"h.
Published from the hand-painted original painting "Orca" by David Grant by The Greenwich Workshop.
The Greenwich Workshop prints the highest quality reproductions, editions look almost, as great as, the expensive original paintings, but at a fraction of the cost.
The Greenwich Workshop publishes art for some of the most gifted and sought after artists.

David Grant

David Grant is an accomplished illustrator and sculptor. A graduate of Paier College of Art, Grant has developed a following in the modeling community as a sculptor. His Fantasy and Western Action sculpts are turned into kits collected and built by hobbyists nationwide. Dave is also the Production Manager at The Greenwich Workshop and an important member of our Fine Art Editions’ team. His illustrations have been essential complements to Greenwich Workshop projects throughout the years. As a lifetime resident of New England, Grant is familiar with iconic stature of the farm in rural communities and the New England penchant for folk art that emanates from it. This series of American Barn Door Art has been designed exclusively by David Grant for The Greenwich Workshop.

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