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Pine Leaf, Daniel Long Soldier Original Painting

MSRP: $1,995.00
Was: $1,695.00
Now: $1,295.00
( saved $700.00 )

"Pine Leaf" original painting by Daniel Long Soldier.
It is painted on very old 1915 leger paper.
Nicely Framed with Museum glass. 
 Painting size before frame: 17.5"w x 10.5"h.
Framed size: 27"w x 20"h.

Daniel Long Soldier is an Oglala Sioux Native American artist.
"Pine Leaf" born a Gros Ventre, but made a Crow by Capture and adoption when she was 10 years old. In the 1830's she joined the men on Warpath against the Blackfoot. The big Crow Girl with Gros Ventre genes, won her third rank in the Council of Crow Chiefs.

Her heart, strong as it was, got the best of her in 1854. Pine Leaf and four Crow Warriors died because she had organized a peace mission. (this is the artist's description that is part of the painting). 

“There are a lot of people,” begins Daniel Long Soldier, “who don’t know the history of our people as we know it. They have only heard one side of a story or what they have seen in Hollywood movies. The stories I’m telling I’ve heard from people who are 80 or 90 years old and heard these stories from their parents. These are the stories my grandpa, my uncles and my dad told me.”

Daniel was born in 1949 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. When he was as young as 6 or 7, he would listen to the tales of the elders, including first-hand accounts from "Iron Hail", a warrior who was shot during the 1876 Battle at Little Bighorn and shot again in 1890 at the Wounded Knee incident near Pine Ridge.

For a period in 1960's, Daniel helped a nearby Nursing Home translate for the older Lakota speaking residents and many of the English speaking staff. It was here that he heard more stories about the fighting along the Bozeman trail during the 1860's and the Battle at Little Bighorn.