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Primary Prmitives by R. Tom Gilleon

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Primary Primitives Giclee Canvas Limited Edition
by R. Tom Gilleon

Published in 2 sizes:

This is the:
Image size: 27"w x 18"h.

Limited Edition of: 50
(This item ships Gallery Wrapped.)

also published in the size below:

Image size: 39"w x 26"h.
Limited Edition of: 25
(This item ships Gallery Wrapped.)

Triangle, circle, and square in red, yellow, and blue: three primary shapes and three primary colors against a minimalist backdrop. Primary Primitives is an arresting study of the fundamentals of visual art. In the past, the word “primitive” was often used as a disparaging description of uncomplicated artistic depictions. The label was also applied to simpler ways of life, such as that of the Plains Indians. But the magnetic beauty of Primary Primitives reminds us that in life as well as art, elegance and power are found not in adornment, but in simplicity.

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