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Raven Rhetoric, by Daniel Smith MASTERWORK CANVAS EDITION

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Limited Edition Canvas
Image size: 37"w x 14"h. 
Edition Size: 75


There is a conversation going on here but we can only guess at the precise message. “Ravens and wolves share an interesting symbiotic relationship,” says artist Daniel Smith. “Ravens will lead wolves to winterkill because they are not capable of opening up the carcass with their beaks. Once the wolves do the job, they all feast. Vice versa, the ravens will follow the wolves, ever watchful for an opportunity to eat. Ravens are extremely cleaver birds and have been known to taunt the wolves in a game of dare. I have witnessed the taunting with our family dog while the raven was obviously entertained by his reaction.”

Raven Rhetoric received the well-deserved People’s Choice Award at the 2011 Western VisionsĀ® Miniatures and More Show & Sale which opened, September 3 at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Daniel Smith was the featured artist at this year’s event. This is a portrait of intimate communication in the natural world that will inspire conversation in your home or office.