Rest Assured by Ford Smith - Framed


Product Overview

Rest Assured by Ford Smith
Giclee Canvas Limited Edition

Standard Canvas - 24" x 24" - Ships Rolled
Also available embellished, for texture.

It's rare to put the words "fragile" and "strength" into one sentence, but "Rest Assured" resonates both in brilliant fashion.

One of Ford's gifts is creating unexpected color combinations that are wildly imaginative, but upon closer examination, they often reflect the radiant hues of unobserved nature--sometimes exaggerated with creative license, sometimes he conjures them with laser accuracy that not everyone "sees".

Not many artists go there, but Ford dwells there. Finding the contrasts, the juxtaposition of vulnerability and fortitude is that quality that defines a Ford Smith painting. Radiant serenity... vibrant, yet grounded... this new original painting quietly emanates a majestic strength while revealing a delicate undertone.

These are emotive human qualities that we can all relate to... enjoy this special painting.