Serenity by Mark Keathley - Framed


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Serenity by Mark Keathley Embellished Giclee Canvas - Framed

A great seascape of the Atlantic Ocean by Mark Keathley.

Few Places offer us the chance to feel alive and connected to the earth like the sea shore. The hurried pace of life with its traffic and schedules is not a place or time to contemplate our existence or purpose in life. I've rarely connected with my Creator while maneuvering through town on an errand that I don't want to take a long time. However, when I step out on to the beach, whether in Texas, California, Florida or the East Coast, I always have the same response - Serenity. Now I can meditate on what is important. "God, what do you have in store for me in my life?" "How do I need to perceive you to make it through this next season of life?" or "What would you have me do?" I've created a "meditative place" for you in your home. Simple lines, soft and smooth texture, and some morning sun rays appealed to me one morning on the eastern shore, All that it is missing in this painting is the steady roar of the waves as they continually roll over and massage the sand beneath your feet.

~ Mark Keathley