Serenity, Morgan Weistling MASTERWORK CANVAS EDITION

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Limited Edition Canvas
Image size: 44"w x 30"h. 
Edition Size: 75


Morgan Weistling’s original painting Serenity sold for $40,000 during the Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale at the Museum of the American West in Los Angeles.“There are paintings that we, as artists, carry in our heads for years before they materialize,” says Morgan Weistling.“Serenity is one of them.”An artist not only visualizes a painting through its final stroke, but the entire presentation of the work to its completed state of being framed and hung on the wall.

Now Serenity is available to you as a MasterWork® Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition Gicl?e Canvas. Morgan spent months painting the original work of art. It took us nearly as long to produce it as a Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition Gicl?e Canvas. We went through six rounds of proofing before Morgan and Greenwich were ready to let the printers begin producing this MasterWork® canvas (most publishers would consider this excessive).The creation of a Fine Art Limited Edition Gicl?e Canvas starts once the artist puts the final touches on a painting and only ends with the presentation to you, the collector, of a custom framed work of art by your Authorized Greenwich Workshop Dealer.