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Spring Wash by Luke Buck

$16.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Spring Wash by Luke Buck

Reproduction Size: 11" x 16" Giclée print on Watercolor Paper

100 Signed & Numbered:

10 Artist's Proofs:

For years as we were leaving home and we would drive out through the long way on the back country roads I would pass this beautiful little house and almost every time I would say to my wife, ASomeday I’m going to paint that little place@! It always just seemed so much like a Ahome@ and full of memories of generations of families raised and gone by through the years. She answered more than once, AYou’d better do it soon@! Finally I did it, I painted it, and sure enough, only months later the old folks who lived there were gone, and the new owners tore the old place down and built a fine new larger home. I was so glad I captured it before it joined the vanishing American landscape.

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