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Stoney Creek Cottage by Thomas kinkade Studios

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Stoney Creek Cottage by Thomas kinkade Studios

Framed embellished limited edition canvas, framed.
Canvas size: 18"x27". Approx outside frame size: 29"x38".

Stoney Creek Cottage is the perfect refuge to whisk your troubles away. The glowing lights, colorful gardens, and the essence of youth were all lovingly created to not only enthrall the collector but to inspire the essence of family and home. This is a place where parents will plant the seeds of family and watch them grow into a garden of joy and happiness. We hope Stoney Creek Cottage can provide enjoyment to those in need and strength for those who envision a more peaceful existence in their own lives.

Key Points

  • The local church steeple rises out of the flourishing garden, ready to call upon the local towns’ folk on a beautiful Sunday morning.
  • A wealth of youthful animals is spread throughout the scene, reminding us of the bliss young ones can bring into our lives.
  • Kinkadian lightposts can been seen from a distance to help guide family members home.
  • Spring is in full effect with a plethora of flowers and fauna in full bloom.

Published Sizes: 12" x 18", 18" x 27", 24" x 36", call for details.