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Summer Lovin by Mark Keathley - 12x24 Canvas Framed


Summer Lovin by Mark Keathley
12x24 embellished giclee canvas framed

Also published as:
18"x36" giclée canvas.
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From the Artist:

We all head to the beach when the weather turns warm, but I have found the sun to be a bit too much in the middle of the day. So, I love to walk the beach in the morning, and late afternoon.  It always amazes me how far it stretches, it seems to never end.

Sometimes I’m a bit frightened how far I can go before I realize what’s going on.  I wonder if I really do know what the condo looks like. I must have had this happen to me as a child, because it stirs something in me every time.

My favorite time, however, is when I can talk my lovely wife into a late night stroll along the beach under the light of the moon with no one else around.  The water is warm and inviting, the air is just the right temperature, and her smile is all that matters. This is the love, the mood, and the moment I’m portraying in “Summer Lovin.'”

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