TESTING THE NIGHT WIND - Elephants by John Banovich

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TESTING THE NIGHT WIND - Elephants by John Banovich
Giclée Canvas Limited Edition
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Limited Zawadi Edition- 11" x 15"
175 s/n plus 15 Artist Proofs
• Frame (AF11): 17" x 21" - $350 plus around $30 extra shipping.
Less expensive frames are available.

“It is under the veil of darkness that most of Africa’s wildlife comes alive. Night is the time for both predator and prey to carry out their delicate balance between life and death. Under the intoxicating lure of the full moon the elephants are driven to find water. Their trunks have a sense of smell that is up to four times as sensitive as the bloodhound and it is believed that they can smell water from several miles away. Ever cautious, as they finally approach the waters edge they patiently pause and together begin testing the night wind, searching for the scent of an unseen danger that may be silently waiting to strike.” - John Banovich, Artist