The Cross by Thomas Kinkade limited edition canvas

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The Cross by thomas Kinkade Limited edition canvas starting at 24"w x 12"h


As part of the redesign of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, I was asked to provide an image for use on a large wall. A very large wall - truly a moment of destiny for any artist.

To create the oil painting that would be the basis for the final mural, I utilized one of the largest canvases I have ever attempted in my studio. A full 6 feet wide, this canvas would be enlarged to create the final epic sized mural. As I worked it was as if heavenly light began to pour upon the canvas.

A final aspect of the creative process came when Franklin Graham himself suggested a fitting title for the work: The Cross. This simple title reflects the lifelong calling and legacy of his father, the evangelist Billy Graham.

My prayer is that this painting will bring hope to many just as Billy Graham has brought hope to millions through the gospel message.

-Thomas Kinkade

Also available in these canvas sizes. Prices includes frames.
18" x 36" $1,365
24" x 48" $2,250

Below is a nice video of Thomas Kinkade at the Billy Graham Library.