The Dream Fulfilled, Where the Love Light Shines, William S. Phillips ANNIVERSARY EDITION CANVAS

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The Dream Fulfilled, Where the Love Light Shines - Christmas of 1943

Phillips Bay Home Front Series Limited Edition Canvas by William S. Phillips
Image size: 32"w x 15"h. 
Edition Size: 150

 Soldiers return home to Phillips Bay from World War II.

Click Here to see a very nice poster of the Phillips Bay Homefront Series.

“It’s the holiday season of December 1945 in a small town somewhere in the U.S.,” says artist’s William S. Phillips. “The celebration is even more special this year because the war is finally over and the three generations of the family I’ve been portraying in my previous paintings "If Only in My Dreams" and "A Christmas Leave, When Dreams Come True" are finally reunited for good.”

The son, who has been fighting in the war, walks up the steps to his grandparents’ home with his fianc?e, followed by the loyal dog that waited for him in "If Only in My Dreams" and rode with him on his way to propose marriage in "A Christmas Leave." The Beechcraft Staggerwing in the distance, the classiest of classic planes, found years of post-war service in civilian transport.

William S. Phillips completes one pilot’s story in this seasonal, nostalgic painting from his American Homefront Series in which the change in mood and direction of the war is reflected at home as the series progresses.

About Phillips Bay - as far as we know, Phillips Bay only exist in the viewers and artist mind, as well as on canvas.

"Let Your Heart Come Home" to Phillips Bay. A town with a deep sense of history, Phillips Bay was established in 1645 by Captain John Bittle and other English immigrants who sought refuge and a life free of religious persecution that was sweeping England at the time. When Captain Bittle's ships arrived, the framework for a thriving local society was already in place laid down by indigenous people. Today, residents and the town's many visitors value Phillips Bay's emphasis on faith, hope, strong family values and a sense of community. 

Eva June, known as "Eva J," was one of Phillips Bay's most loved and influential citizens. Through their enterprising, creative and philanthropic contributions, she and her husband Robert gave Phillips Bay much of the character and many of the landmarks that attract folks to the town today.

Enjoy your visit to Dogwood County - yesterday, today and tomorrow

Let your heart come home to these and other seasonal views of Phillips Bay 
and surrounding Dogwood County. 

Built by Eva J, the dock was constructed with Cotswold stone salvaged from a British ship sunk during the American Revolution. The dock is used for the amphibians and pleasure craft that visit and service Phillips Bay.

In any season of the year, Seven Mile Walk is a favorite place for outdoor activities such as a brisk jog and a walk with the dog, and is a place where you are sure to meet many of the town's friendly residents.

One of the most anticipated events of the year, the music festival takes place all along Seven Mile Walk. Stroll along to different points on the walk to hear classical, jazz, country, folk, gospel, swing and other favorite genres.

The hills west of Phillips Bay reminded a group of early English settlers of the Cotswold Hills of England. "Cotswold stone" was imported from England to build the church at Church Hill, 
the highest point in Dogwood County.

The air is filled with frozen jewels reflecting the last golden rays of sunlight. Padded footfalls and bells jingle crisply as the sleigh brings the Apple creek Inn ever closer. You can already feel the warmth of the fire in the ancient stone fireplace, as you and the other guests sip hot cider and talk of the joys of the day and plans are discussed for tomorrows winter adventures.