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The Pumpkin Festival | Thomas Kinkade Studios | Framed 18x27

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The Pumpkin Festival by Thomas Kinkade Studios
18 x 27 framed canvas

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Media: Canvas, Paper
Image Title:The Pumpkin Festival
18×27 and 24×36
Editions: AP, EP, GP, PP, SN, EE

The Pumpkin Festival, the first artwork in the Great American Celebrations series, embodies the spirit of these traditional hometown events, evoking personal memories that each of us hold dear. As the leaves change to amber and red, families converge in the town square, with children dressed in costumes lovingly made by Mom and Grandma. Shop owners fill their windows with delicious treats, and fun activities abound.

Join us as the autumn sun begins to set and one of America’s great traditions comes to life!

The Pumpkin Festival is the first Limited Edition artwork in the Great American Celebrations collection.
This series from the Thomas Kinkade Studios pays tribute to traditions and experiences that families across the
United States enjoy.
The Pumpkin Festival portrays the much-anticipated autumn gatherings that are hosted in communities throughout
the nation and reminds each of us of our own favorite traditions, like choosing a pumpkin, carving jack-o-lanterns,
and eating delicious fall treats.
This artwork is set in an American town, reminiscent of the neighborhoods that many of us have grown up in.
Families walk through the downtown area – children wearing handmade costumes, including a tiny ghost, a little witch,
and a young crusader.
Entertainment in the town square includes a local band and carnival performers.
Other traditional fall festivities portrayed in this painting include a pie-eating contest and carriage rides.