The Republican Club by Andy Thomas

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Canvas Open Edition 12" x18" not framed.
Also available as Canvsa Giclee, Ltd Ed SN2018 - 20x30 for $395

Welcome to the interior of the historical Republican  Club.  This is a club of all the men who had the honor of serving as a Republican United States President. It was here that many of the stories you have heard were made.  Some very true, others just talk that evolved from long chats around the table. Both versions have been passed down for generations.

Just imagine what the walls have heard as the crowd thickens in the distance, voices clamor and laughter roars.  Back in the crowd you can see a face, maybe more. Who are they?  Do you recognize them?

Then there is that one figure, a female, walking directly to the table.  One can only guess who she is and why she might be here.  Evidently, she has something to say to the men around the table and the only thing that is evident is that she has arrived.